100% All Natural Whole Fish Fertilizer

Made from Invasive Carp Species Harvested in the Midwest.

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Captain Carp Is A Manufacturer Of An Array Of Liquid Fertilizer And Agriculture Products.

Perfect For The Home Gardener To The Commercial Agriculture Producer


In the 1970’s fish farms began importing invasive carp species – mostly bighead, silver and grass carp – from China to help clean their ponds, and before long these fish escaped into the Mississippi river system. The Carp found few predators and abundant food and quickly spread throughout the Midwest, and are now established as far north as Chicago and Minneapolis and as far west as Denver. Today these invasive fish make up 90% of the biomass in parts of the river system, and it is feared if they are not controlled they will spread throughout the country


Captain Carp Fertilizer was founded in 2020 by Michael Owsley, owner and operator. Mike grew up around the fish food industry, participating in his stepfather’s business at a very young age. His stepfather, Melvin Linder, was a commercial fisherman supporting local markets through his company “Popeye Fisheries”. Throughout his early years, Mike’s entrepreneurial spirit had him thinking of how he could utilize carp for other opportunities as the market for carp as a fish food was minimal due to the difficulty of removing the bones from the carp to make them editable.

Mike thought back to watching his stepfather work in the family garden. Melvin would bury whole fish near his corn crops as a natural fertilizer. Mike researched the history of this practice, which dates back to the time of Indians and Pilgrims. This spawned the idea to use the entire carp as a 100% natural liquid fish based plant  fertilizer while also addressing the impact invasive carp is having on the environment. 

Flagship Product

The Captain Carp facility is located in the heart of the Midwest near the convergence of the Illinois, Mississippi and Missouri rivers, two hours north of St Louis.

Captain Carp Fertilizer is a two in one product, it is a fish fertilizer and soil conditioner. As the most eco-friendly and bio sustainable fish based product on the planet with little to no waste. Captain Carp products are made with whole fish, not just the scraps, resulting in a superior fertilizer. The humic acid works phenomenally on plants, that combined with a higher level of microbial activity results in massive stalk and root growth allowing the plants to consume more water and nutrients. As a two in one product, it does not need supplements, additives or adjusters mixed in. Captain Carp Fertilizer is Patent and OMRI Certification pending.